Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Chanel Blush: Rose Petale

With my first pay check EVER, I purchased myself a Chanel Blush...well, actually my mom paid for $20 of it, but I paid for the rest.  (Her $20 was kind of a "good job" gift for getting 100% on each of my college midterms.)  Anyway, I knew I wanted to try a Chanel Blush, and I finally wouldn't feel so guilty about coughing out  a ridiculous $43 for a single blush, so I hopped in my car and drove myself to the Valley River Center.  I had my eyebrows threaded while I was there, too.  I have to say, I wasn't a huge fan.  It was painful.  That's the only thing I've ever done to my eyebrows. Ever.  No waxing. No tweezing.  Nothing.

I have to say, for being the most "tame" or "every day" blush at the counter, this still packs quite a bit of punch.  I removed the flimsy little brush from the container so it wouldn't fall out all of the time.  Just a warning...this blush has a very heavy rose scent so if perfumes bother you or those that you frequently come into contact with, I'd stray away.

Some close-ish dupes that you may have (close enough to save you $43 for something else, anyway!) are:

  • NARS "Deep Throat"
  • MAC "Dainty" mineralized blush
  • Benefit "Bella Bamba"

As much as I like this blush, I detest the packaging.  I imagined that for $43 that it wouldn't be so cheap and plasticy.  I think that this product would be very prone to shattering if it were to ever be dropped, so cherish it and be careful!


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