Friday, May 31, 2013

My MAC Palette: a palette in progress

Paradisco - this is a new addition to my palette ( 1 week old!) and I really like it. This is a sheerer color, but  it still packs a punch.  I liked that this was on the sheerer side because it is harder to over-do this color and is more stress-free to use!  This looks gorgeous paired with Star Violet!

Sumptuous Olive -This one looks green in some lights, or pure gold in others!  It's stunning.  On me it tends to pull more gold all over the lid, and more green just in the crease. 

All That Glitters - This is my favorite eyeshadow of all time! If I could only use ONE shade for the rest of my life, this'd be it.

Quarry (Matte Finish)-This paired with All That Glitters is an AMAZING look.  This is my tried and true go-to look.  Furthermore, it's the perfect crease color for me because it doesn't overwhelm my fair skin.

Patina  - this one looks different in different angles and lights!  This is just an easy one eyeshadow and you're done color.  It also looks great paired with other colors. 

Nylon - this is one of four new additions to my palette and it is a fast growing favorite.  Pop this baby in your tear duct and it sparkles. Heavenly!

Shale - This looks great over MAC's "Rubenesque" paint pot.  I know the combo might sound strange, but it's fab!  This is a subtile purple-grey, suitable for every day and work.

Satin Taupe - I never really realized how much I actually used this eyeshadow.  There's a big dent in it that proves I do.  It's a bit lighter than it looks in the pan, which is nice for me since it is perfect for the daytime or the evening if you pair it right.  This is a very versatile color!

Star Violet - This is absolutely stunning as well.  I love using this in the crease, paired with Paradisco or Patina. 

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