Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello, again!

Well, I'd like to say I haven't slacked off on this blog...but, seeing as the last post was nearly 10 months ago, it is undeniably true.  Summer vacation is dwindling down to its last days, and the anxiety of another school year is quickly setting in.  One of my teachers has already sent out homework.  It's for my Abstract Algebra (MTH 391) class, which I'm most nervous about. I've been taking my best shot at the problems and, hopefully, I will be able to get most of them finished by time the quarter starts.

Anyway, this summer has gone by really well.  I went to Mall of America with my parents which was really amazing.  I got a lot of cool makeup there (just what I needed more of...) and it was an overall great experience.  I would love to go back there sometime soon.

This summer I've been battling with weight problems again.  I'm up to 136lbs. I've ballooned overnight.  Before I went to North Dakota I was a 127lb girl, and now I've balloned up to 136 lbs over the course of 2 weeks.  I've been eating less than normal, and exercising more than normal, yet my weight goes up each day and it is quite stressing me out.  I don't know why and I feel so disgusting.

Some things I'm currently enjoying are:

  • The television show "The Tudors"
  • Natural Products
  • Paraben-Free Products
  • Rose-Water Spray
  • My new car (2012 Ford Focus 5-door)

Some things I'm currently hating are:

  • Mascara (although I still wear it...I NEED it.)
  • Makeup (ditto for above...)
  • Food (Why do I keep gaining weight.  I'm turning into a fat, undesirable cow)
  • Pressure

Till next time,

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