Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clackamas Town Center Shooting: 12/11/12

Today, I was out of ideas of things to do (only 2 days into my *month* long winter vacation...great start, right?) so I contemplated going to the mall to get some holiday shopping done.  Luckily, I decided against it.

Today at 3:29PM a man opened fire on the patrons of the Clackamas Town Center mall firing around 60 shots.  2 people were fatally injured, 1 is in intensive care barely hanging on, and numerous more are injured.

At some point during the mayhem, the shooter shot himself, committing suicide.  This makes me so sad.  He doesn't deserve to decide when to die.  I am VERY glad that he is dead, don't get me wrong, but that motherfucker (excuse my french) doesn't deserve to decide that it was his time to go...  to decide to ruin countless people's lives and then just check out.  He never has to face the guilt associated with knowing how many people's lives he destroyed.  Tomorrow, once his name is announced,  he will be infamous, and his name will live on for many years to come.  He will allure people because we will never know what his motives were or what possessed him to do such a thing.   The families of the deceased will never get closure knowing that he was brought to justice and punished accordingly.

I am now counting the days until I can get a concealed weapons license.  I had wanted one before, but this has really inspired me to get one.  A little under 2.5 years and it'll be mine.  I had quite the sharp shot last time I went out shooting, so I'll have to get back into that soon (safety first, I don't want to handle a gun unless I'm prepared).

I hope the best for those families who were affected and I hope soft-target shootings will not become a common occurrance.  First Aurora, now Clackamas.  Where next?

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