Sunday, December 9, 2012

My makeup collection/storage ideas!

Hello, all!

This is my current makeup set up now that I'm back from school for a month.  I'm absolutely loving it.  I hope this gives you some inspiration :)


Here's a general overview of the collection and storage system.

Up top in the first container I keep my face powder that I use everyday, and then foundations/tinted moisturizers that I'm trying to use up.  Generally, I just wear powder as my foundation, but I've had many of my foundations (which I've spent good money on and are just sitting there, barely used) for a while so I want to get them used up so it wasn't a waste of money purchasing them.  

The Lorac POREfection powder is what I use as a foundation on a daily basis. I am in shade P2

I currently do not store anything in this drawer.  I'm thinking I can put my eyelash curler, pencil sharpener and tweezers in here.

In this drawer I keep my eye primers, under eye concealers, and eyebrow products.

This drawer contains all of my eyeliners.  I'm really loving the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in shade 03 Blackened Brown.  It's a really great product!

This drawer contains the mascaras that I use.  I really should throw away the Falsies mascara.  There's barely any left.  The mascara in the red tube is a waterproof one that I keep on hand for when the necessary situation presents itself.  Other than that I never use water proof mascara since it's SO hard to get off without losing a ton of lashes.

This drawer contains my face primers and facial concealers.  I have quite a few of concealers, but I honestly use them on the rarest of occasions.  The same goes for liquid foundation. 

Here's a closer look at the powders that I have.  If you notice  I have the bareMinerals foundation (the original lose formulation), and I absolutely HATE it. I have dry skin, yet it manages to make my skin look oily throughout the day.  Additionally it oxidizes, turning very orange on my pale skin.  Not a flattering look.  The Mineral Veil (also by bareMinerals-it's the smaller of the two containers) on the other hand is a great product. I use it to set my under-eye concealer and around the nose and smile lines.

This drawer contains my lip stains (or lip/cheek stains).  Currently I'm loving Benefit's Posytint.  I have it in a mini trial size and it's great for the lips, or cheeks on a low key kind of day. :)


These are my two favorite lip glosses!  Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 652 and Smashbox's "Illume"

These are my lip crayon type products.

These are my favorite! (L-R) Tarte's Glitzy and Dazzled, Revlon's Honey and Crush (Crush is my absolute favorite!)

Pixie Palette from Target

MAC Blush Palette: Top row (L-R): Desert Rose, Well Dressed, Fleur Power
Bottom Row (L-R): Breezy, Mocha, Fever

NARS Blush Palette.  Sin (bottom right) is my favorite!

All of my lipsticks, and tinted chapsticks.

Cream shadows are in the first drawer of this container!  I love MAC's Rubenesque and The Maybelline Color Tattoos in "Pomegranate Punk" and "Bad to the Bronze."  Stila's Smudge Pot in "Kitten" is another favorite.  

I keep my higher end eyeshadows in this drawer. 

I keep my MAC eyeshadows in these containers from ELF.  They only cost $1 and hold MAC shadows wonderfully.  I have Satin Taupe, All That Glitters, Shale and Quarry in this quad,  and then I have Sumptous Olive and Jaunty (from the Hey, Sailor! collection).

My beloved NARS Kuala Lumpur duo!

Miscellaneous drugstore quads/trios. 

Miscellaneous drugstore duo and single eyeshadows.

I keep my Urban Decay Naked Palette along with extra drugstore Foundations up top of this other, larger container which is dedicated to cheek products.

In the top drawer I keep my powder blushes!

Here's a closer look at the names of the NARS blushes I own: Deep Throat (newest edition!), Gina and Madly.

This drawer holds my cream cheek product or stains.  I really love the Stilla Convertible Color in Poppy (red circle).  You can use it as a lip color as well and it's perfect for winter or travelling. 

Last, but not least, I keep my bronzers and highlighters in the bottom drawer of this container. If the NARS Laguna Bronzer is a little too expensive for you, I'd recommend the Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronzer because they are extremely similar!

I hope you were able to take something away from this post as to ideas for organization.  If you have any great ideas, PLEASE share!


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