Friday, December 14, 2012

Random thoughts on Gun Control:

As gun laws become stricter and stricter, more and more mass shootings occur in this nation.

So before you start hopping on the band-wagon, take a moment to think.  Don't let your favorite celebrity persuade you.  

Did you know that members of our government (*cough*Hillary Clinton*cough*) are putting great efforts in to making ammunition inaccessible?  And this is all flying under the radar.  Making it difficult to buy ammunition is the same thing as gun control.  NO ammunition makes guns completely useless.  

Additionally, these mass shootings are going to become normal.  Just this week there have been TWO mass shootings.  Here in my home town (Clackamas, OR), and another, much worse, in Connecticut.  These people are clearly out of their mind.  If they wanted guns, nothing would have stopped them.  These people are seeking fame and are successfully getting it.  Our society needs to rethink the way we think about things, not rethink gun control laws.

Earlier today on Facebook this was posted (in reference to Connecticut):

If this doesn't put in action some gun reform then I don't know what will. I understand you NRA lovin' 2nd amendment rights people, but obviously guns are too accessible if this is happening.
 My response:

Yes, let's make it so all of the good, law-abiding citizens that, more than likely, would never start shooting innocent people, can't access guns to protect themselves if necessary. That way it's just all of the terrible people in the nation that will get a gun one way or another, no matter how strict the gun reform laws are. 

And here's some food for thought (playing devil's advocate here big time): IF guns were much more prevalent in our society, another citizen could have taken a shot at the shooter in Clackamas (or any other example like Connecticut, or anywhere really), disabling him before such disastrous things happened.

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